U-CD Bella Piccolo Smancerosa Donna, AKC & WWKC CD, NA
Born:  March 20, 1991
Died:  August 29, 2002


Prissy was my first Italian Greyhound.  The first time I saw an Italian Greyhound (her) was at a pet shop at the mall.  Yes, she was a puppy mill dog. And yes, I knew NOT to buy a dog at a pet shop.  So off I went home to try to find an IG breeder.  After months I still had not found a breeder of IGs.  All this time this little fawn with white markings IG was still sitting at the pet shop.  After she turned 7 months old they asked me if I would buy her very very cheap.  So home she came.  I am not sorry I ever got her because she was always the sweetest and loving IG you could ask for.  As a puppy mill dog she had everything you could think of in diseases and health problems.  But I loved her and still miss her.

She would try to do anything you asked her to do.  Some of her titles she earned was in obedience AKC, UKC & WWKC Companion Dog (CD) titles and agility AKC Novice Agility (NA) title.  Then her show career stopped because I found out she had PRA.

See you at the Rainbow Bridge.